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FALL 2013 VOLUME 24 , ISSUE 4 Our Greatest Generation Continues With Part II T he 2014 calendar will be a continuation of the 2013 calendar, which featured local WWII veterans. The difference is the 2013 calendar honored living veterans. The 2014 calendar vets have all since passed away; however, many came home from war, started families, began careers and lived long, productive lives. Most likely you've met many of them over the years, or at least know them by name. Over the past 10 months, local historian and author, Cosette Henritze, sat down with families of the deceased veterans to document their courageous service to our country and the world. The result of these discussions is a collaborative effort of local World War II stories and striking images from their private family collections. Veterans featured in next year's calendar include: a Navy flight surgeon attached to a Marine fighter squadron who island hopped the South Pacific caring for wounded naval and Marine pilots. He later came home, established a medical practice and tended to local patients for many years. Another featured veteran survived the bombing at Pearl Harbor. Two local women are prominently featured. One joined the Women's Auxiliary Corp (WAC) and worked closely with General Eisenhower as his historical archivist. The other became a WASP (Women's Air Force Service Pilot) and much later in life was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal in recognition of her service. Two others were not as fortunate. One survived brutal treatment during the Bataan death march and at POW camps in the Philippines only to later be killed as a result of friendly fire while being transported to Japan on an unmarked Japanese cargo ship. The other young man killed in action was a radio operator on a B-29 Bomber that came under a kamikaze attack. His plane went down over Manchuria, China, and his body was never recovered. Later, two survivors of the attack contacted the family to explain what happened. Another local ..... Open House Reception and 2014 Calendar Distribution Tuesday, December 3, 2013 9am – 3pm family offered its four sons to military service and only two came home. One young highly decorated soldier and second generation American of Japanese ancestry, a "Nisei" soldier, fought in the South Pacific, most likely under a cloud of suspicion. He spoke fluent Japanese and was eventually recruited by Army intelligence, often crossing enemy lines to gather information. During World War II there were an estimated 90,000 Americans held as prisoners of war in one hundred camps throughout Europe. Two local boys experienced the horrors of imprisonment in the same camp, but never met. Both men came home, and by coincidence, lived relatively close to one another for many years, never knowing of their shared experience. One of the imprisoned soldiers escaped, only to be recaptured and returned to a different camp, where he again escaped, living off the land two months before rejoining U.S. Forces. He later said, "I was ready to come home and live a normal life." As always, the calendar will be distributed as a gift to the entire community on a first-come, first-serve basis. As in past years, separate receptions will be held in Trinidad, Walsenburg, and Raton, New Mexico. Come join the festivities and pay tribute to the greatest generation on Tuesday, December 3, 2013. The First National Bank , 100 E. Main St., Trinidad, CO Huerfano County Branch Bank, 135 W. 6th, Walsenburg, CO The First National Loan Production Office, 1247 S. 2nd, Raton, NM

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